November 2009 - LMMC Meeting Minutes
Written by Cheryl Brown, Secretary   
Sunday, 24 January 2010 14:49

November 09, 2009

Tim called the meeting to order at the West Earl Fire company @ 7:30PM. Minutes of the October LMMC meeting were read and stood as read. An October board meeting synopsis was given.
Treasurer’s report:
Income for the month totaled $ 11,074.23 and consisted of banquet ticket sales and a couple TV ads. Expenses totaled $5,504.96 and consisted of regular monthly expenses, some maintenance expenses, banquet deposits and awards. The report stood as presented.
The point fund is $15,370.00, Doc Hoff fund is $1,025.00 and the loan balance stands at $106,201.75. 
There was no correspondence.
The class reps had no business.
Banquet committee reports approximately 100 fewer tickets sold currently than a final count last year. Tickets will be available up until the banquet if some last minute tickets are needed. There was some discussion about possibly moving the date for 2010. Also mentioned was a proposal to change the amount of trophies given out. NO changes were made or finalized.
Tech committee had nothing to report
Membership has had some inquiries regarding numbers for next year. They also will have a need for a volunteer to be at the track on Saturday nights to handle any issues there. Anyone interested please see Pam or Lee Miller.
Old Business:
·         The web page is under construction and we are looking to make it better for next season.
·         Rule books are being updated and new rules will be published in a different font to make the changes easily noticeable. They will be available as soon as they are finalized.
New Business:
·         A question was asked on 4-wheeler turn over. We have not replaced any of the Club 4-wheelers in 2 years. There is no current plan to do so this year.
·         Short discussion on possible cost cutting in the banquet. The rule book currently states 15 points places are paid.
·         A motion was made to cut the December meetings, the motion died for lack of a second. The general membership wanted to have the meeting available each month.
With no further business Tim accepted a motion to adjourn from Gloria and a second from Ron. The motion passed and we adjourned at 8:00PM.
Cheryl Brown, Secretary

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