January 2010 - LMMC Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 21 February 2010 20:09
LMMC Monthly Meeting
January 11, 2009
Tim called the meeting to order at the West Earl fire company @ 7:30PM. Minutes of the December LMMC monthly meeting were read with no corrections and a December board meeting synopsis was given. The minutes stood as read.
There was no treasurers’ report available, the club computer is down and will have to be repaired or replaced.
The Class reps, Officials and Tech committee all reported no business. The membership committee reported 9 new numbers were applied for and applications have been returning.
Old Business:
The website is ready for launch. Fred Armstrong and Pat Risser have the rights to the domain name and are being contacted to change that into Club property. As soon as that is finished the website will be launched.
The 270cc class will be the supporting class at the Micro mania show. 40 cars will be the maximum allowed and members will have first chance for the limited field. It will have a 50.00 car registration and 30.00 pit pass costs. If we have a full field it will have a 5,000.00 purse.
New Business:
Dan Culhane was in attendance and gave an over view of the upcoming Lebanon car show held at the Lebanon Expo Center. Applications are available through his e-mail. There are also 4 spots available still at the Reading Car Show, anyone interested in that show should contact Chris Snyder.
A proposal submitted last month to the Board members was submitted to the general membership. The main body of the proposal was an increase to pit gate fees of 5.00 and the dispersal of those funds to better able the club to purchase new equipment and better prepare for upcoming expenses. Also included in the proposal was an overview of the options available regarding the loan the club currently has. It has become difficult to make the payments over the winter without using other funds as a backup. The loan could be modified or refinanced. The best option will be taken for the good of the club. The members present were in favor of the gate increase and loan changes but were worried about the dispersal of the additional funds.
For the Good of the Club:
50 people still have outstanding calendar monies due. This is the fund that is used to pay the mortgage payments over the winter until race night funds can make the payment.
Also members were reminded that cars MUST be race ready to get inspected during inspection days. No cars will be inspected in partial condition.
With no further business Tim entertained a motion to adjourn from Jim and seconded by Rodney. The motion passed and we adjourned at 8:17PM.
Cheryl Brown, secretary

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