5/23/09 - Wilson, Hartman & Getz Star in Clyde Martin Open
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Friday, 22 May 2009 19:00

Brickerville, PA - Ryan Wilson carved up the 600cc Micro-Sprint field on Saturday night, winning his first feature of the season in the annual Memorial Day Open Show at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.
Joining Wilson in victory lane were Richie Hartman (270cc and 250cc Four-Stroke); invader Phil Durham (125cc); and Dwayne Mathias (Sportsman). In a thrilling finish, Butch Getz captured the 20-lap main for the visiting Xcel 600 Modifieds.

Wilson, from Maytown, Pa., started 21st in the 30-lapper for the 600cc Micro-Sprints. His PMP Chassis was dialed in to perfection, as Wilson utilized both the top and bottom grooves to slice his way to the front.
Kerry Gilbert set the pace for the first 21 trips around the high banked oval, before teen sensation Tyler Ross slipped past him off turn four.
The lead would be short-lived, however, as Wilson's Thru It All Body Shop No. 29 screamed around the outside of Ross in turn two on a restart with six tours remaining.
Wilson cruised the rest of the way, winning by 1.5 seconds over Ross. Gilbert, Kenny Miller, and Chris Gerhart rounded out the top five.
With 25 of the mighty 600's in the pit area, heat races went to Gilbert, Brittany Brown, and Jared Davis. The consolation was captured by Tyler Tank.

A case of deja vu occurred in the 270cc feature...just 24-hours earlier, at Linda's Speedway, Richie Hartman was victorious with Scott Fick chasing him to the checkered flag.
Fast forward to Saturday evening, and once again it was Hartman bolting to the victory, with Fick in hot pursuit. Hartman started second, jumped into the lead at the outset, and never looked back in recording his second Clyde Martin victory of the season.
Fick darted into the runner-up spot on lap four, when he passed Zack Fouse.
Dave "the Flying" Falini finished third.
A trio of invaders registered impressive efforts in the 30-lap headliner for the 270cc class. Marty Gorr, Macungie, charged from 21st on the starting grid to finish fourth, while Charlie Lamanna came from 13th to fifth. Lamanna ran as high as third before Falini and Gorr muscled by him near the end.
Nick Walton took the green in 22nd, went to the back after he was involved in an early-race incident, then rebounded nicely to finish sixth.
With 40 of the 270cc micros entering the Open Show, four qualifying heats were needed. Billy Logeman, Jim Skias, Brian Sholley, and Falini notched the heat race victories. Twin consolations went to Jason Swavely and Dan Degler.

A fantastic field of Xcel 600 Modifieds made the journey to Lanco on Saturday, with 44 cars signed in for competition. And the feature race was decided by a few inches, with Butch Getz backing up his 2008 victory at the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.
Getz squeezed under Jeromy Guistwite with two to go, and the pair circled the oval side-by-side for those final breathtaking revolutions. Charging off the final corner, Getz shoved the nose of his No. 4Jr. in front, then won the drag race to the stripe by inches over Guistwite.
Guistwite, who took the lead from George Loux on lap one, settled for second with Getz's teammate, Tyler Haydt, finishing third. Eric Whitbe and Gary Suchy completed the top five.
Brad Szulewski, Bob Scherff, Getz, and Whitbe were triumphant in the four heat races. Kevin Prichard and the Geezer, Joe Fanelli, notched wins in the two consi's.

Newfield, NJ's Phil Durham vaulted from fourth to the lead on lap one of the 125cc feature. Durham remained at the point for the duration of the 30-lapper, sweating out numerous restarts during the course of the event.
Dave Grube tried his best to take advantage of those restarts, making some bonzai dives under the leader as the race went back to green flag conditions. Durham repelled each attack, bumping wheels with Grube on a couple of occasions.
With Durham pulling away in the waning laps, Evan Krautwald ducked to the inside of Grube in turns three and four to steal the runner-up position. Grube went home with third-place money, while Nathan Weidman finished fourth and Sonny Sweitzer ended up fifth.
Grube and Krautwald won the two heat races for the 125cc micros.

Dwayne Mathias, Oley Pa., started on the pole of the Sportsman feature and made the most of his opportunity, leading every lap to score the Memorial Day Open victory. A couple of strong competitors did their best to make things difficult for Mathias, but his Hyper Chassis No. 1m was up to the task.
Kenny Miller, the defending Sportsman point champion, motored into second just prior to the halfway point of the 30-lap affair. But Miller could not unseat Mathias from the top spot.
Later in the race, it was Steve Drevicki's turn to find a way past the leader. The current point leader could not keep pace with Mathias, though, and the Reading, Pa. teenager had to be satisfied with runner-up honors.
As the checkered flag waved to end the event, Mathias blazed to the triumph over Drevicki, Jeff Hughes, Sheena Schaefer, and Jamie Fetterolf.
Sportsman heat races went to Schaefer, Fetterolf, and Kenny Miller.

Richie Hartman concluded a long night of racing - a grand total of 168 racecars took part in the Open Show - by winning his third of the year in 250cc Four-Stroke competition.
Craig DeSantis and Hartman started on the front row, with DeSantis grabbing the early lead. Hartman's repeated assaults on the leader finally paid off on lap six, as he powered ahead off the fourth corner to take command.
DeSantis, still looking for his first win of the season, finished a distant second to Hartman. Chad Rhoads wound up third, with Julie Wenger and Dick Huzzard completing the top five.
Wenger, incidentally, is a member of the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Germany. She was home on leave, and took the opportunity to hop back into her Micro-Sprint on Saturday.
Four-Stroke heats fell to DeSantis and Hartman.

600cc Micro-Sprints (30 laps):
1.Ryan Wilson 2.Tyler Ross 3.Kerry Gilbert 4.Kenny Miller 5.Chris Gerhart 6.Jared Davis 7.Jerry Schott, Jr. 8.Alex Buben 9.Brent Ely 10.Bruce Ginther, Jr. 11.Joe Goerner 12.Randy Oswald 13.Brittany Brown 14.Dave Dimaio 15.Tyler Tank 16.J.R. Booth 17.Tyler Esh 18.Mike Caropolo 19.Paul Graham 20.Phil McDermott 21.Carl Lieber 22.Daniel Jackson 23.Kory Merkey 24.Greg Fitzpatrick 25.Lee Nardelli.

270cc Micro-Sprints (30 laps): 1.Richie Hartman 2.Scott Fick 3.Dave Falini 4.Marty Gorr 5.Charlie Lamanna 6.Nick Walton 7.Mark Ewer 8.Billy Logeman 9.Brian Sholley 10.Scott Gingrich 11.Steve Drevicki 12.Steve Whary 13.Dave Grube 14.Todd Steffy 15.Jim Skias 16.Mike Uhrich 17.Lester Dice III 18.Christi Sweigart 19.Dan Degler 20.Jason Swavely 21.Dave Williams 22.Zack Fouse 23.Jessica Enck 24.Tom Shearer.

Xcel 600 Modifieds (20 laps): 1.Butch Getz 2.Jeromy Guistwite 3.Tyler Haydt 4.Eric Whitbe 5.Gary Suchy 6.Ryan Suchon 7.Brad Szulewski 8.Dave Ogin 9.Kevin Prichard 10.Joe Fanelli 11.Ryan Kunkle 12.Ryan Higgs 13.Mark Schafer 14.Bobby Scherff 15.Cody Coons 16.Justin Schraden 17.Mike Kelly 18.George Loux 19.Aaron Bowes 20.Josh Fox 21.Gary Lerch 22.Nick Mady 23.Rich Eisenger 24.Dave Baldwin, Sr.

125cc Micro-Sprints (30 laps): 1.Phil Durham 2.Evan Krautwald 3.Dave Grube 4.Nathan Weidman 5.Sonny Sweitzer 6.Bret Habecker 7.Scott Gantert 8.Kyle Henninger 9.Ernie Miles 10.Mark Yoder 11.Shane Braxton 12.Alan Durham 13.Corey Schmuck 14.Jeff Bennett 15.Bradley Brown 16.Cody Drace 17.Brianna Gerhart 18.Kayla Petrecz

Sportsman Micro-Sprints (30 laps): 1.Dwayne Mathias 2.Steve Drevicki 3.Jeff Hughes 4.Sheena Schaefer 5.Jamie Fetterolf 6.Robert Shanaman 7.Donna Geib 8.Kelby Stauffer 9.Jason Hehnly 10.Dave Graybill 11.Jason Swavely 12.Brett Wanner 13.Glenn Moyer 14.Dean Spangler, Sr. 15.Kenny Miller 16.Kory Merkey 17.Dave Schroeder 18.Dennis Fenstermacher 19.Wesley Fasnacht 20.Joel Tolley 21.Robert Schaffner. DNS: Paul May III; Jenna Keppley; Corey Schmuck.

250cc Four-Stroke Micro-Sprints (30 laps): 1.Richie Hartman 2.Craig DeSantis 3.Chad Rhoads 4.Julie Wenger 5.Dick Huzzard 6.Jason Johnson 7.Jessica Enck 8.Lewis Kepple, Jr. 9.Greg Schmuck 10.Phil Johnson 11.Kayla Fetter 12.Peter Michael 13.Kim Enck 14.Ed Nocera 15.Jake Booth 16.Kevin Kopp. DNS: Chris Lee.


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